Corporate Care Consultants

About Corporate Care Consultants

CCC was formed by Natalie Vanderhoof. After years of working with companies to manage their Employee Health and Drug Free Workplace programs, Natalie realized the need for companies to have expert advice to keep employees safe, healthy, and productive. Studies have shown that a healthy workforce has substantially greater productivity. Workforces that feel safe and cared for by employers have greater levels of engagement and commitment to a company.

CCC provides a full line of services to keep your employees safe, healthy, and productive.

Natalie is a Registered Nurse and Paramedic with 18 years experience in the medical field including over a decade in Emergency Medicine. She has a Bachelor's degree in Nursing from the University of Central Florida. Her experience in emergency care and Occupational/Employee Health make her uniquely qualified to assist in improving worksite safety and preventing workplace injuries. Her experience developing and managing an outpatient Occupational Health clinic has given her the insight and knowledge needed to reduce Workers' Compensation and Healthcare costs for companies.

Corporate Care Consultants is based out of Astor, Florida. It’s primary service area includes North Central Florida.